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02 June 2017 @ 10:42 am
Heads up: Delicious is going into read-only mode  
I don't know how many people still actively use Delicious at this point, since it's been sold and mismanaged by so many people. But the guy who runs Pinboard bought Delicious (seriously), and he's announced Delicious will be in read-only mode on June 15. That means you can't save bookmarks to Delicious, but you can read your Delicious bookmarks or read other Delicious bookmarks on other accounts.

The guy who runs Pinboard is promising to fix the export link to Delicious if you want to save your Delicious bookmarks elsewhere. He's also offering the opportunity to purchase a Delicious account, which is now $11 a year (if you didn't purchase a Pinboard account before there was a yearly fee applied to accounts).

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