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07 March 2017 @ 08:30 am
HC Bingo March 2017 amnesty challenge  
The monthly rec challenge.

...[A] reclist of fifteen works (stories, meta, art, vids, etc.) corresponding to these prompts. You can use one, two, or all three prompts for your reclist, as long as you have fifteen recs overall. To qualify for the challenge every recommendation on your list must have an explanation of how it pertains to the prompt and why you like it and want to rec it.

This time, I didn't get lazy and I went back to my usual habit of stripping out the table background and changing the table color from white to black.

hugs secret identity discovered medication

Anyway, I focused this time on the "hugs" prompt. Fifteen recs with hugging in them, all art, all Doctor Who.

  • Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler: Untitled artwork by [tumblr.com profile] the-untempered-prism.

    Ten and Rose keeping warm in the snow with the Doctor's scarf (from his fourth incarnation).

  • Eleventh Doctor, Idris: Bitey Mad Lady by [deviantart.com profile] almond-goddess.

    Eleven trying and failing to run away from Idris, to possibly avoid one of her bites.

  • Eleventh Doctor, River: Goodbye by [deviantart.com profile] almond-goddess.

    Eleven crying as he says goodbye to River for the last time in his timeline (this picture has been Jossed by "The Husbands of River Song").

  • Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond: Trust me,I'm the Doctor. by [deviantart.com profile] viria13.

    Eleven comforting Amy with a hug before embracing her again in the second panel of this work.

  • Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler: her Doctor by [deviantart.com profile] viria13.

    Rose hugging Ten as he's sitting on the ground.

  • Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond: Corollary to The 11th Hour by [deviantart.com profile] infiniteviking.

    Scene where Eleven actually comes back at the end of the Eleventh Hour and gives young Amy a hug, after promising (and failing) to take her with him in the TARDIS. (Pretty sure when this was created, this was a missing scene AU, but maybe canon makes this just a missing scene now.)

  • Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald: Four untitled drawings by [tumblr.com profile] marshcap.

    Four drawings of Twelve randomly hugging Clara to feel better about himself.

  • Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald: Cuddly sweater burrito by [tumblr.com profile] marshcap.

    Two drawings of Twelve hugging and comforting Clara.

  • Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald: Untitled drawing by [tumblr.com profile] aralisj.

    Twelve and Clara hugging each other after the events of "Mummy on the Orient Express."

  • Eleventh Doctor, River Song: The Doctor's River by [tumblr.com profile] badskin.

    Eleven hugging River, grateful to have her in his life.

  • Eleventh Doctor, River Song: First Night: Updated by [deviantart.com profile] MikazukiRisa.

    Eleven and River on their date to Alderin Beta (from "First Night/Last Night").

  • Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler: Poodle Skirt by [deviantart.com profile] izzymatic.

    Ten and Rose, in her poodle skirt from "The Idiot's Lantern," hugging for comfort in a chair.

  • River Song, Idris: Child of the TARDIS by [deviantart.com profile] saimain.

    The TARDIS (in the form of Idris) shows and comforts River as she learns how to fly the TARDIS.

  • Eleventh Doctor, River Song: stay here a while by [deviantart.com profile] luthie13.

    River comforting Eleven after he sees the Ponds for the last time.

  • Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams: my ponds by [deviantart.com profile] trustahope.

    Eleven sadly hugging his Ponds.

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